Card Sort Javascript

In this project I was asked by the credit card group to create a utility that would a) display all cards on start-up, b) unselecting a category should delete that family from the pool, c) next, allow further filtering of the subtotal by characteristics. The greater challenge was understanding the objective! Easier witnessed than explained: cardSort_version2-snapShot

State Street – Global Markets Technology

  • Developed storyboards, wireframes, visual design and working HTML prototypes for Equities, Securities and Fixed Income products from requirements and use case documentation.
  • Created the internal user experience of a new implementation of IBM Portal / WCM content management website and the HTML and CSS for external usage of the site.
  • Responsible for the user interface design for all applications on Global Link, State Street Global Market’s multi-asset class electronic trading and research platform including FX Connect, Fund Connect and Global Trading Support Services (GTSS),
  • Maintained Style Guide and UI pattern library on SharePoint with explicit visual specifications and HTML/JavaScript code samples.
  • Designed and developed the marketing site for FX Connect,, the industry standard Foreign Currency Exchange trading application, WMReuters,, a currency calculator site, and, an FX settlement information tool.


Fidelity – National Financial

Web Design and Development

  • Responsible for development and maintenance of Fidelity’s trade clearing external-facing website This website provided marketing information and tools to Fidelity Broker / Dealer partners. Wrote the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for entire site from website specifications provided as flat files.
  • Managed the National Financial Intranet, housing all marketing and legal materials, created in ASP and MS-Access databases.

Created HTML Email Campaigns and Important Notices

  • Designed, coded and emailed massive brokerage mailing list with periodic marketing information and communications.

Flash movies – marketing promotions

  • Produced (designed and wrote) flash movies for various marketing promotions.

State Street – Global Link

Multimedia and Web Design, (2000-2003)

  • Implemented / designed front-end Style Guide for Global Link trading applications and websites.
  • Designed and maintained product brochures, product web pages and user guides.
  • Designed and maintained HTML and Flash product demos and PowerPoint presentations for clients.

Screenshots only as websites and artwork have since been redesigned.

Archived Web Designs

Freelance Web Design and Development, (1998 – current).
Designed, developed and implemented full scale websites from initial requirements / client discussions to complete implementation / installation. Produced corporate identities, illustrations and flash animations.

Gregory Muenzen, Sculptor

Sculptor, painter and multimedia artist in NYC. Assisted in designing and wrote code for small portfolio website:


“Avidyne Corporation is a market-leader in the design and manufacturing of integrated avionics systems for general aviation (GA) aircraft.” Designed and developed a few small internal websites — not archived.

Novobiotic Pharmaceuticals, LLC

“NovoBiotic has developed a method for growing previously “unculturable” microorganisms in the laboratory.” Designed and created a small website for biotech startup:

Columbia University Women’s Swim Team

Unbelievably, possibly my first “large” project is still hosted on Columbia’s servers. Designed and developed the original Columbia University Women’s Swim Team: